• PLEASE: If you decide to buy something on the “needs list”, contact me and let me know. That way we don’t have multiple people buying the same thing 🙂

6 pairs of 2-4 BOYS socks

10 t-shirts for 2-4 BOYS

10 toys for 2-4 BOYS

16 2-4 BOYS bottoms (shorts, pants)

16 2-4 BOYS underwear

16 2-4 BOYS shoes or sandals

16 2-4 GIRLS toys

16 2-4 GIRLS tshirts

16 2-4 GIRLS bottoms (shorts, pants)

16 2-4 GIRLS shoes or sandals

12 5-9 BOYS tshirts

6 5-9 BOYS underwear

16 5-9 BOYS bottoms (pants, shorts)

8 toys for a 5-9 BOY

16 5-9 GIRLS tshirts

4 5-9 GIRLS underwear

8 toys for a 5-9 GIRL

6 tshirts for a 10-14 BOY

16 10-14 BOYS bottoms (shorts or pants)

10 10-14 BOYS underwear

16 10-14 BOYS toy

12 10-14 GIRLS tops or tshirts

10 10-14 GIRLS underwear

5 10 – 14 GIRLS bottom (skirt, pants, shorts)

10 10-14 GIRLS toy or gift item

48 Brushes for GIRLS

48 Combs for BOYS

50 towels for BOYS

50 towels for GIRLS

Candy (hard candy/ lollipops)

24 Coloring Books

School Supplies (58 calculators, 50 rulers, etc.)


Hurricane Sandy Relief


A number of caring people have been asking about opportunities to assist the victims of hurricane Sandy. All are encouraged to pray and move as the Lord guides them. I will be happy to coordinate relief that you may want to forward through the Blue Point Bible Church. You are also welcome to donate privately as the Lord may move you. If you’d like to donate through the church please indicate if there is a specific organization that you would like to earmark the money to and bring me a check made out to the Blue Point Bible Church with the memo line of the check indicating a special offering for hurricane Sandy relief. If you do not specify a particular charity I’ll be consolidating the monies and issuing a check from The Blue Point Bible Church to World Vision Hurricane Sandy Relief (see below).

Thank you. It is a pleasure to serve such a caring group.

Steven Hernandez

Elder, Blue Point Bible Church


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World Vision World Vision
Dear Friend,
I know you care greatly for the children and families impacted by Superstorm Sandy, and I want you to know that World Vision relief teams have been on the ground since the storm struck — and are working tirelessly to help victims in its wake.
The death toll is still climbing, and hundreds of thousands have had to evacuate their homes. Your help is urgently needed today.
The storm has taken its toll on relief efforts, too. Hospitals are being evacuated. Homes and churches are destroyed. And World Vision’s warehouse in the Bronx, N.Y., was flooded by surging water.
“We lost about one-third of our relief supplies from our warehouse in the Bronx when Sandy hit,” says Rick Miltimore, World Vision’s national director of resources and relief. “New York City is one of the most expensive places to live and operate when bringing relief. People are really hurting and they need our help.”
photo The devastation takes its toll on children. Five-year-old Junior Gonzalez sobbed uncontrollably when he learned his family lost nearly everything in the storm. “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” his mother says.
Your gift todaywill help World Vision relief teams provide emergency supplies to the most vulnerable victims like Junior and his family.
Help Now
Please join us with your support today.
Make a donation to World Vision’s U.S. Disaster Response Fund now. Your gift of any amount will help us provide ongoing support as victims of Superstorm Sandy begin to rebuild their lives.
Relief supplies — including blankets, food, flood clean-up kits, warm clothes, and more — have been trucked in from other warehouses, and we are distributing these critical items in the most devastated areas of New York, including Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Yonkers.
Our relief teams are also assessing and responding to needs across the East Coast, where we anticipate recovery and rebuilding to continue for up to three years.
Your prayers and gifts matter in the days ahead.
Any gift you give today will be a blessing to the children and families impacted by this terrible storm and its aftermath.
God bless you, /s/ Rich Stearns
Rich Stearns President, World Vision U.S.







Join us on Saturday, May 19th to support the Blue Point Fire Department’s efforts to assist helping a number of worthy causes, including a fireman who has passed away due to 9/11 related illness leaving a small child behind.

FDNY Firefighter, John E. McNamara Foundation Presents:


Come to support the event or register to participate. Please call the Blue Point Fire Department for details.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

Blue Point Bible Church is a joyful and prayerful participant in supporting one of our missions, Samaritan’s Purse, in their Operation Christmas Child program. Click this link to see the program in action. http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid17736666001?bclid=36000809001&bctid=260796487001

Thanks to all who came by to pack up gifts for needy children all over the world. Thanks to your generosity and support over 100 shoe box sized gift boxes were stuffed full of toys, school supplies, shoes, underwear & socks, toiletries and so much more! They are on their way to distribution centers for Christmas delivery.

Please visit our Fellowship page and our mission link for more information.

Gift ideas for Operation Christmas Child, see this link: