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The Defiance Conference

Topic: Eternal Conscious Torment (Hell)–What Is The Final State of the Unredeemed? On Saturday October 5th at 2pm Pastor Michael Miano presented what the scriptures say regarding the state of those outside of covenant with God–the unredeemed. Please contact us for more information on this topic or email Pastor Miano at



Pastor Michael Miano

The Blue Point Bible Church joyfully announces that it has called Pastor Michael Miano of Fort Meyers, Florida to serve as Pastor.  

The Blue Point Bible Church, a historic landmark church founded just after the Civil War, located at 5 Maple Street (corner of Blue Point Ave.), Blue Point, NY 11715,  is pleased to announce that it has called a new pastor.  Pastor Michael Miano leads the congregation with a focus on community outreach and service inspired by study in God’s word.  We invite all interested to visit the church and the website and get to know Pastor Miano.  Pastor Miano arrived and began preaching on April 21st.  Service hours are from 11:00am to noon, with a Sunday school from 9:30 to 10:30am and a fellowship time with coffee and refreshments between 10:30 and 11am.

  Pastor Miano is the author of the recently published “Freaked Out By The New Covenant”, a book which beautifully describes how knowledge of truth brings empowerment and liberation.

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