11/25 – BPBC Updates



I pray our current praise and worship sermon series, Yadah…Yadah…Yadah.Shachah., has been edifying to each of you. Namely, the goal of the series is to examine and challenge ourselves in regards to praise and worship, and our corporate praise and worship as well – doing both in and with spirit and truth. I thank those of you who had given me the notes after service, and pray those of you who said you would have some to share soon do so.

In all of my recent work with The Power of Preterism Network (TPPN) and MGW Online Radio, I have been so excited by the “team work” and clarity that is coming about. We have been examining what I am calling “The Flavors of Preterism”, and I have had a couple guests now, however this weeks podcast was with Mr. William Vincent as we talked about “mystical preterism”, and I have to admit I was so encouraged, edified, and impressed with the show. You can listen at the following link, http://www.mianogonewild.com/audios/35/flavors-of-preterism-a-look-at-mystical-preterism-w-william-vincent.html

The show is podcasted every Wednesday by 12pm EST. However, I am excited to remind you that TFCRadio.com will be launching on November 30th, and Miano Gone Wild will be played on Tuesdays at 10AM and 10PM. Enjoy!

As I look forward to our food and fellowship we will share at the Harvest Dinner on Saturday, December 3rd at 6PM, I also wanted to tell you about an exercise I am doing. Starting today, I have begun celebrating “Daily Communion” and would love to find a day that works for you to have you celebrate with me leading up to Christmas. Ultimately, this will allow for a great time to focus on Christ, allow me to share some details with you, and for us to fellowship. Please consider letting me know when I see you at service, through a call, email, or text message when you might want to celebrate Communion with me!

Let me know if you are interested, and please share with any whom may be interested, that we have our XD Youth Pizza Party & Open Mic – Friday, December 2nd from 6:30-9PM at The Blue Point Bible Church.

And finally. I hope some, if not all of you, will be desire to join me this coming Sunday, November 27th  St. Ursula’s at 4PM for the event “On the Wings of Hope” – Join us as we partner to bring spiritual support to our community during the holidays. Chinese auction,50/50 and Luminary bags to place around the tree. Please bring pictures to be placed on the alter as we support our community families. It is always a beautiful event with much support. The tree was planted 4 years ago as a symbol for growth and awareness in regards to fighting the drug abuse problem in our community, just as the surrounding communities, and the tree is located on the grounds of Saint Ursula’s Center in Blue Point.





11/10 – BPBC Update

We have come to the date of Saturday, December 3rd @ 6PM for our BPBC Harvest Dinner. I look forward to our fellowship and food that evening!

The BPBX Shoe-Box Packing Party is planned for Friday, November 18th @ 7:30PM (see attached flier).

Here is a link for details concerning our Operation Christmas Child Needs List, http://www.bluepointbiblechurch.org/peace/?p=1040

***Reminder. We have our Fall Clean-Up planned for this coming Saturday, November 12th @ 8AM at The Blue Point Bible Church. If you want to help out, come out! Our Saturday Morning Bible Study will be CANCELED!

Also, we are excited to be planning our next XD Youth Event for 12-16 yrs at The Blue Point Bible Church – Pizza Party & Open Mic – for Friday, December 2nd @ 6:30PM (see attached flier).

I look forward to seeing each of you this weekend, either at the Fall Clean-Up on Saturday at 8AM, Sunday School @ 9:30AM, or BPBC Worship Service @ 10:30AM.







  • PLEASE: If you decide to buy something on the “needs list”, contact me and let me know. That way we don’t have multiple people buying the same thing 🙂

6 pairs of 2-4 BOYS socks

10 t-shirts for 2-4 BOYS

10 toys for 2-4 BOYS

16 2-4 BOYS bottoms (shorts, pants)

16 2-4 BOYS underwear

16 2-4 BOYS shoes or sandals

16 2-4 GIRLS toys

16 2-4 GIRLS tshirts

16 2-4 GIRLS bottoms (shorts, pants)

16 2-4 GIRLS shoes or sandals

12 5-9 BOYS tshirts

6 5-9 BOYS underwear

16 5-9 BOYS bottoms (pants, shorts)

8 toys for a 5-9 BOY

16 5-9 GIRLS tshirts

4 5-9 GIRLS underwear

8 toys for a 5-9 GIRL

6 tshirts for a 10-14 BOY

16 10-14 BOYS bottoms (shorts or pants)

10 10-14 BOYS underwear

16 10-14 BOYS toy

12 10-14 GIRLS tops or tshirts

10 10-14 GIRLS underwear

5 10 – 14 GIRLS bottom (skirt, pants, shorts)

10 10-14 GIRLS toy or gift item

48 Brushes for GIRLS

48 Combs for BOYS

50 towels for BOYS

50 towels for GIRLS

Candy (hard candy/ lollipops)

24 Coloring Books

School Supplies (58 calculators, 50 rulers, etc.)

11/3 – BPBC Announcements Update


Many have been ranting and raving about the excellent resource regarding the Book of Revelation that has been provided by brother Adam Maarschalk. If you visit the following link, you can find a podcast and a resource to read through. Here is the link, https://preteristconferencecalls.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/06-adam-maarschalk-josephus-and-the-book-of-revelation-9-case-studies/

Also, I have successfully relaunched MGW Online Radio for 2 weeks now. I had Mr. Andy Diaz as a guest last week, and this past Tuesday I have Mr. Ryan Cataldo on the show. Both of them shared honest thoughts and insights regarding the “Flavors of Preterism”. You can visit www.MianoGoneWild.com to listen to those broadcasts.

And lastly, in matters of resources, I produced the final video for the “short video series” I did on Facebook and Youtube in regards to the “Jewish Feasts” called “From Fasting to Feasting”. You can watch that video on Youtube at the following link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pWJ59Zzy5Q

(Also, soon we will have a video of the recent discussion Pastor Steve Schilling and I had in regards to the “Jewish Feasts” and atonement).

I want to simply end by telling you about a God-led weekend we have planned this coming weekend at The Blue Point Bible Church. On Saturday, we have a Bible Study being led by Pastor Mike in regards to the proper way of reading ancient historical “Jewish” stories like Job and Jonah. Join us for Bible Study at 9AM.

On Sunday, we begin a new sermon series in our Worship Service at 10:30AM. “Yaddah…Yaddah…Yaddah. Shachah” will be a praise and worship series aimed at helping us better understand praise and worship, and how to benefit from that understanding in offering the worship He desires – in Spirit and in Truth.

I have attached a graphic for promotion of this weekend.

Also, Deacon Ed has offered the opportunity for us all to go into the Pine Barrens out in Riverhead. We figure everyone should bring a bag lunch, wear sneakers, and dress ready to follow some trails and see God’s glorious creation. Surely that’s connected to our understanding of “praise and worship”, amen?