9/29 – Important BPBC Resources – Announcements -Praises & Prayers

Blessings in Christ,

I pray that the beautiful weather initiating Fall has been a pleasure to you and allowed you to be productive this week. I must say, in my life it seems God’s sovereignty always works in and through the seasons, as if He is always building me up for the next experience. What a mighty God!

I want to share some FULFILLING thoughts I shared this #MissionalMonday:

“The false rapture doctrine is indeed “so wrong”. If we study and allow the Word to do the dividing between truth and false, the truth of Christ fulfilling the “eschatological promises” is so evident.”

“The Book of Revelation is speaking of the “soon” coming judgement that was to come upon the Harlot Babylon (which when understood contextual is speaking of 1st century Jerusalem and the idolatry they built around their “cultic temple system”), and there persecution of the saints.”

It has been a week chock full of discussions and convictions regarding preterism and the kingdom of God. Namely, that as Christians our foremost focus must always be on the message of the Kingdom. I summarized my thoughts of the kingdom in the manner; “The Kingdom is where God dwells. What that means is that the Kingdom is where His presence and promises are found. We know the Kingdom of God is found in and through Christ & His people, which was the goal of His parousia. To dwell in and among His people, to be God to them, and for them to be His people (display His righteousness)”.

Therefore, I spoke a bit about the Kingdom of God on the Hairy Ticks Variety Show this past Tuesday. You can listen to that podcast here, http://www.spreaker.com/user/10014082/kingdom-of-god-hairy-ticks

Also, we have been focus on the Kingdom of God passages found in chapter 1, part 2, of Wicked on Wicked Things Explained podcast. Here is the link to the explanation of Daniel 7:21-26, https://wickedthingsexplained.wordpress.com/2017/09/28/wicked-things-explained-daniel-721-27/


Tonight we have our XD Youth Party at The Blue Point Bible Church from 7PM-9PM. At these gatherings we foster authentic fun and friendship (what we call extremely different) to bring about an eXtremely Different Youth. We also offer announcements and other opportunities that aid our efforts.

An October calendar/ list of dates will be available on Sunday, October 1st at The Blue Point Bible Church, and will be posted on the website. Quite a few events to aid in the fight against the opioid epidemic, Fall clean up at the church, game night, 5Q Discipleship, and the launch of LIFE Seminars.

Surely God will continue to be glorified through all that we plan.

I look forward to seeing you all at some point throughout the weekend.

In Christ,

Pastor Mike Miano


9/23 – Information & Updates from BPBC

Well according to the Jewish tradition it is fitting to say, Happy New Year (Shana Tova), since Thursday, September 21st was Rosh Hoshana. Also, Friday marked the beginning of the Fall season. Surely, we praise God for the beauty of new season, renewing out minds according to His Truth daily.

Before I share some resources and our BPBC corporate prayers for the week, I would like to remind you that tomorrow, Sunday – September 24th, we will continue our series “Things Christians Say”, and specifically will be talking about what it means to say “I believe in the Bible”. I invite you to bring along some things you have heard or known Christians say regarding the Bible.

Here are a couple of resources I produced this week that prayerfully you will find edifying.

Each week there will be a podcast going through the context and details of each passage found in the brackets throughout the book, Wicked, at WickedThingsExplained.Wordpress.com. This week we went through the context of Jeremiah chapters 30-31 pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Visit the following link to listen to the podcast, https://archive.org/details/Jeremiah3031

A brother named Joel Sexton from social media shared his writings on the comparisons of Jeremiah 30-31 and the Book of Ezekiel. Access his resources at the following link,

On Tuesdays at 8PM, you can now listen to podcasted shows of the Hairy Tick Variety Show. This past week, I shared my coming to and understanding Full Preterism. Listen here, http://www.spreaker.com/user/10014082/09-19-2017

Also, I continued the video teaching through 2nd  Corinthians that I shared with you last week. Here is part 2 of The Christian’s Glory, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezR9RTDKGoc&t=47s

Oh, I am reminded. We are all here! Supposedly in some Futurist circles today was another failed prediction regarding the end of the world. I enjoyed what Tony Denton had to say, “Every failed apocalypse date just supports preterism that much more. Thanks.”

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow as we begin talking about Christians & The Bible.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano

9/15 – Study Resources, Praises, & Prayers from BPBC

Wow. What a beautiful day we are experiencing today on Long Island. Glory to God! I am glad to say that when I see things of beauty, I always turn back to praise Him. Something we at The Blue Point Bible Church are always diligent at doing.

I has surely been a productive week of offering teaching resources. I want to share some of those things with you.

On Monday, I released Wicked Things Explained podcasts. Each week there will be a podcast going through the context and details of each passage found in the brackets throughout the book. This week we touched on Isaiah chapters 8-9. Listen at the following link, https://wickedthingsexplained.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/wicked-things-explained-isaiah-816-97/

On Tuesdays at 8PM, you can now listen to podcasted shows of the Hairy Tick Variety Show. This past week, Daniel Rogers joined me on the show. Here is a link to that podcast, http://www.spreaker.com/user/10014082

Also, as promised I produced a video teaching that coincides with out Saturday morning Bible study through 2 Corinthians. Following think paragraph, you will find a link you can watch a video teaching on 2 Corinthians chapters 1-4. We hope you might consider joining us for 9AM Bible study on Saturday mornings. Here is the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvbU8RsngEI&t=4s

Lastly, I was finally able to write up my part 1 response to Jerel Kratt’s critique of the CBV that was in the most recent Fulfilled! Magazine. You can read that response at the following link, https://mianogonewild.wordpress.com/2017/09/14/kratts-critique-of-cbv-critiqued-pt-1/

Don’t forget. This coming Sunday, September 17th is National Back to Church Sunday. At The Blue Point Bible Church we will be launching a new sermon series called “Things Christians Say” which will foster true Christian and Biblical foundations, as well as challenge many misconceptions regarding the “things Christians say”. Tell a friend. Invite a friend! Sundays at 10:30AM (graphic attached) Â

I look forward to seeing many if not all of you this weekend!

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano

9/7 – Resources & BPBC Corporate Prayers

Blessings in Christ,

I pray that you all had a productive week, as well as steeped in prayer for those suffering from the many storms in the south. May they see God’s faithfulness and care through all their experiences.

A few resources before I share our weekly praises and prayers.

I was excited to see that Mert Melfa (the brother who had filmed our last two Annual Conferences) released a video I had done with him about Israel earlier in the year. You can view that view at the following link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzhzoOh3pZw&feature=share

You can now find the updated September “Monthly Calendar” for BPBC on our website. Also, you will find information about National Back to Church Sunday, as well as the new podcast show I will be doing on Tuesday evenings, the Hairy Ticks Variety Show. I have attached to graphics that have been used to market those things. Here is the link to the monthly calendar, http://www.bluepointbiblechurch.org/peace/?page_id=11

I look forward to finishing our sermon series “Outlining Wickedness” this coming Sunday at the Blue Point Bible Church.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano

9/1 – BPBC Resources & Updates

Blessings in Christ,

I pray that each of you had a blessed and God-glorifying week. Growing and bearing fruit of the Spirit is a sure-fire way of finding satisfaction in your days and glorifying God. Please allow me to share some pertinent details and resources for your growth in Him, as well as our weekly praises and prayers.

This past Sunday, we began reading through Daniel Roger’s book, The Last Enemy and the Triumph of Christ. As was expected, this began discussion about “the death” of Adam. We had some great discussion in our Sunday school as well as the 4th Sunday Discussion Group. I had promised to send out some resources on the matter. Thanks to Elder Steve Hernandez for some shared wisdom as well.

Here is

an article on Genesis 2:17; http://bibleq.net/answer/1489/

Also, Dr. Preston surely has a lot to say on this matter and I wanted to share a couple of links to his Morning Musings which speak directly to this matter:










Yesterday was International Overdose Awareness Day and many of us gathered in Sayville for the Fed Up & Maxed Out event. It was informative and a blessed time. We’ve joined our efforts with the ecumenical group Long Island Congregations, Associations, and Neighborhoods (LI-CAN) to hold listening posts to generate discussion and healing regarding the Opioid epidemic on Long Island. Tomorrow (Saturday), there will be an event a listening post at 4pm at Bayport UMC. No matter how deeply you’ve been affected by this epidemic – either personally, through your family, or just as a concerned citizen – you should attend this event. This meeting for anyone – Christians or non-Christians, locals or those who live elsewhere on LI.


I am excited as we come to a close with our Outlining Wickedness Sermon Series. Prayerfully, this sermon series encouraged your studies regarding Spirituality, the Spiritual battle, Satan, etc…We will be talking about angels and demons this weekend, and I look forward to detailing these things. I must say though, I am even more excited about our sermon series “Things Christians Say” which will start on September 17th, 2017 – National Back to Church Sunday.

Monthly “List of Dates” and more details will be offered this coming 1st Sunday of September at The Blue Point Bible Church.

I look forward to seeing most, if not all, of you at some point this weekend.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano