12/22 – Weekly Update from The Blue Point Bible Church

Blessings in Christ,

It sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Minus the snow, of course. 😊 Prayerfully, each of you had a blessed week of preparing for Christmas, and embracing the hope for a blessed new year.

Much of my week has been in-preparation as well, therefore, I do not have too many resources to share. I am looking forward to going deeper into the Biblical narrative this year through our “Thinking Thru Scripture series” which launches on January 1st. I have also been prepping to do something similar on the Hairy Ticks Variety Show. This pastor Tuesday, the broadcast included an interview with Dr. Jeff Vaughn, who is the co-author of Beyond Creation Science. You can listen by clicking on this link, https://tfcradio.org/tuesday-at-8pm/

I look forward to seeing most, if not all, this weekend. Keep in mind, on Sunday 24th (Christmas Eve), there is no Adult Sunday School. We will be meeting for our worship service at 10:30AM. Our service will be dedicated to “Gifts That Remain”. We will also have a small gift for those visiting with us.

To the glory of God, & edification of the saints,

Pastor Michael Miano

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12/15 – BPBC Weekly Update

Blessings in Christ,

I hope to hear that you have been demonstrating Godliness and listening intently to the voice of God in your life. I have been encouraged and excited for our topic of the “voice of God” on Sundays at The Blue Point Bible Church. Surely, our diligence in understanding and discerning the voice of God will be a blessing in this season and the year to come.

As announced last Sunday, we will be having service at our usual times for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, however our New Year’s Eve service will be followed by a fellowship potluck. Preparations have begun for our Annual Bible Conference, The Crossroads of Preterism, to be held at The Blue Point Bible Church on March 23-25, 2018. Also, The Power of Preterism Network website has been updated with videos from last year’s conference on Revelation Revealed.

Through my personal ministry, MGW: Apologetics & Ministry, I am offering a buy 2, get one FREE on my books. So if you know anyone who needs or is interested in books – I am selling both Freaked Out by the New Covenant, as well as Wicked. Also, working on a audio-book for Wicked and a soon to come YouTube series.

On the Hairy Tick Variety Show I have begun a narrative journey through the Scriptures, which is similar to something we will begin doing at The Blue Point Bible Church in January. However, listening to the podcasts now, you can get a head start in your understanding. Here is a link to this weeks show, https://tfcradio.org/tuesday-at-8pm/

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend, either at Saturday Morning Bible Study (9AM), or Sunday for Adult Sunday School, or Worship Service.

With faith, hope, & love,

Pastor Michael Miano

12/8 – Updates from BPBC

Blessings in and through our Lord and Savior Jesus. I hope this week has continued to be a blessed one, and with our past Sunday sermon in mind, you have been working toward discerning the “still, small voice of the Lord”.

I must readily admit that I am excited about the turn in direction of our sermons, as I mentioned last week. Prayerfully, as we move toward the end of 2017 and anticipate 2018, you are seeking more in excess and death regarding the knowledge of God and His working in your life. It’s looking to be a great season. To God be the glory.

Many of you know that I have been very actively lately with sharing thoughts regarding recovery, especially pertaining to the potential development of a Seafield in Blue Point. I covet your prayers and insights in those regards. This Saturday, 12/9, I will be participating in an all faiths/ non-denomination service at Our Lady of the Snow called “On the Wings of Hope”. This event is open to the public, and begins at 6:30PM. A few of us who serve in local clergy will be offering encouraging words and prayers for those who are battling or have battled addiction. There is a special part for families that lost someone due to addiction. You are more than welcome to join us.

As promised, here is our December 2017 monthly calendar. Simply click on the link, http://www.bluepointbiblechurch.org/peace/?page_id=11,  or click on “Monthly Calendar on our church website.


I look forward to seeing some, many, if not all of you this weekend.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano