9/23 – Information & Updates from BPBC

Well according to the Jewish tradition it is fitting to say, Happy New Year (Shana Tova), since Thursday, September 21st was Rosh Hoshana. Also, Friday marked the beginning of the Fall season. Surely, we praise God for the beauty of new season, renewing out minds according to His Truth daily.

Before I share some resources and our BPBC corporate prayers for the week, I would like to remind you that tomorrow, Sunday – September 24th, we will continue our series “Things Christians Say”, and specifically will be talking about what it means to say “I believe in the Bible”. I invite you to bring along some things you have heard or known Christians say regarding the Bible.

Here are a couple of resources I produced this week that prayerfully you will find edifying.

Each week there will be a podcast going through the context and details of each passage found in the brackets throughout the book, Wicked, at WickedThingsExplained.Wordpress.com. This week we went through the context of Jeremiah chapters 30-31 pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Visit the following link to listen to the podcast, https://archive.org/details/Jeremiah3031

A brother named Joel Sexton from social media shared his writings on the comparisons of Jeremiah 30-31 and the Book of Ezekiel. Access his resources at the following link,

On Tuesdays at 8PM, you can now listen to podcasted shows of the Hairy Tick Variety Show. This past week, I shared my coming to and understanding Full Preterism. Listen here, http://www.spreaker.com/user/10014082/09-19-2017

Also, I continued the video teaching through 2nd  Corinthians that I shared with you last week. Here is part 2 of The Christian’s Glory, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezR9RTDKGoc&t=47s

Oh, I am reminded. We are all here! Supposedly in some Futurist circles today was another failed prediction regarding the end of the world. I enjoyed what Tony Denton had to say, “Every failed apocalypse date just supports preterism that much more. Thanks.”

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow as we begin talking about Christians & The Bible.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano


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