10/20 – Updates & Resources from Pastor Mike Miano (BPBC)

Blessings in Christ,

I surely hope that you had a blessed week and have made use of our vision of #GrowAndGo. Last Sunday

I challenged us to begin thinking about those whom we are responsible to in bringing a wholesome image of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. May God give us ample opportunity to reach those He desires.

Tonight we are going “crabbing” at the Blue Point Docks with our XD Youth group. We plan to be go down there from 8:15 – 10:30pm. Also, of importance is that there will be no Saturday Morning Bible Study tomorrow since we have our annual BPBC Fall Cleanup at 7:30AM.

Through the various ministry efforts I am involved in I put together a good amount of resources this week. I have been going through the brackets in Wicked and detail the verses in short commentary style podcasts. This past week I detailed Mark 1:14-15 in regards to the Kingdom of God. Here is the link for that podcast, https://archive.org/details/Mark11415Wicked

Prayerfully you have been enjoying listening to TFC Radio (www.tfcradio.org), and most especially the Hairy Ticks Variety Show which I have the privilege to host. You can listen to this weeks show and catch the other shows you may have missed at the following link, https://tfcradio.org/tuesday-at-8pm/

On TFC Radio I have also been sharing 3-4 minute podcasts regarding the Chronicles of Josephus. You can listen to that clips at this link, https://tfcradio.org/chronicles-of-josephus/

I have continued to tell you all about the reforms happening in regards to Full Preterism, not only all over the nation, but  more excitedly right here on Long Island. To respond to some of the criticism and critiques I have begun doing weekly Facebook live sessions I am calling A Full Preterist Speaks up & Speaks Out. Here is a link to part 4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucn_GnpPaSg

And lastly, we have begun 5Q Discipleship using Alan Hirsch’s book as a resource. We had our first meeting this past Tuesday and will have our next meeting, Tuesday, October 24th at 7:30PM. We all are called to be growing in our discipleship and therefore I strongly urge each of you to get involved with this meeting! You will surely be blessed.


Prayerfully some of you will consider joining us for the Fall Cleanup on Saturday morning, if not for crabbing tonight at 8:15pm.

May He continue to enrich you,

Pastor Michael Miano


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