XD Youth

  • XD Youth is a youth movement focused on ages 12-16.
  • We seek to provide extremely Different opportunities for our youth to bring forth a more beautiful, worthwhile, and wholesome generation. |
  • Teamed up with World Famous Block Parties we continually focus on “propagating positive ideals and pure happiness” in the Bayport – Blue Point community and beyond.

(Each month we have “youth gatherings” in different places, and the last Friday of every month we have a “Youth Party” at The Blue Point Bible Church (6:30-9PM)

Monday, September 11th –  Patriot Day Join Pastor Mike & others at The Common Ground in Sayville @ 5PM (Common Prayer, Speakers & Labyrinth)
Sunday, September 17th –  National Back to Church Sunday (Be sure to visit a local church for worship)
September 24th– 30th – Global Prayer for Students Week
(Be creative in your efforts to pray for students)
Wednesday, September 27th –  See You At the Pole Events (Nationally) http://syatp.com/
Friday, September 29th  –  XD Youth Party @ The Blue Point Bible Church (7PM-9PM)

Next Youth Party is Friday, September 29th @ 7PM