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JULY 2017

Sunday, July 9th –  Outlining Wickedness Sermon Series begins

Wednesday, July 12th – Wednesday Night Praise, Prayer, & Bible Study @ 7:30PM

Saturday, July 15th – Saturday Morning Bible Study @ 9AM (Come at 8:30AM for Q&A)

Sunday, July 16th – Church Outreach Report; Missionary Offering; & possible Church Luncheon

Wednesday, July 19th – Wednesday Night Praise, Prayer, & Bible Study @ 7:30PM

Thursday, July 20th –  22nd   “ Niagara Preterist Conference

Saturday, July 22nd – Saturday Morning Bible Study – Canceled!

Sunday, July 23rd –  Special Music; 4th Sunday Discussion Group

Wednesday, July 26th –  Wednesday Night Praise, Prayer, & Bible Study @ 7:30PM

Friday, July 28th“ XD Youth Party @ BPBC

Sunday, July 30th  – 5th Sunday Potluck (after worship service)

Monday, July 31st – Tuesday, August 1st  – Tisha B’Av

[ Tisha B’Av or 9th of Av is the day in the Hebrew Calendar that is recognized as the day that the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed both by the Babylonians and by the Romans in AD 70. It is typically seen as the saddest day in the Jewish Calendar but for us Christians it should have a much happier and celebratory meaning. In AD 70 on the 9th of Av, Yeshuah of Nazareth, returned in the clouds in the Glory of the Father to not only avenge the Aposles and Prophets but to put an end to the weak covenant with it’s rules and regulations. With the Old Law and Physical Temple System out of the way, the Kingdom of God was able to be brought from Heaven to Earth in full force. The Kingdom of God is with men and God now dwells in the hearts of mankind. To all who would come into His glorious Kingdom and dine with Him. Let us all celebrate this day as the Day that God fulfilled every promise to redeem man and set up an everlasting Kingdom where only righteousness dwells!]

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